1. Are the Attractions mazes? No, they are easy to follow paths.
2. How big are the Attractions? There is no Cornfield this year the forest is 5 acres.
3. How long does is take to go through each Attraction? The Forest will take about 20 to 25 minutes.
4. Will the event be open in the rain? We will try everything we can to operate, always check  this website or call us to be sure. Never wear nice clothes or shoes, you may get dirty.
5. Can I get a refund if I don't like it or I chicken out? NO! There are no refunds, no exceptions. Please be advised that this will be scary (Rated PG-13) and appear violent, but safe.
6. Can I bring my children through the Attractions? That is to your discretion. Treat it like a Rated PG-13 movie.
7. Where can I get tickets? At the gate only. Cash Only.
8. How many times can I go through the Forest? One time!
9. Can I just buy a ticket for one Attraction? Only one large Attraction this year.
10. I have heart problems and or high blood pressure or I am pregnant, should I go through? We recommend that you do not! We plan on scaring the yell out of people, use your discretion.
11. When is a good time to attend? Anytime! Our land is huge and we can handle a huge crowd.
12. How many people can go through at once? We will send people by your group. On busy nights, we send a group through every 60 seconds. If you want a better scare and experience, do not go in the field and wait for your other friends to catch up to you, you will be only hurting your experience and it will not be as scary. So many people do this and wonder why they don't get scared. No more than 4 at a time should go together.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions