If any rule is broken, you will be escorted by the police out of the event, no exceptions and no refund. You may even end up in jail.

1. No Smoking, No Alcohol, No Weapons, No Drugs of any sort permitted from the time you enter our property.

2. No Line Jumping or lighters or anything flamable.

3. No food or drink in the cornfield or forest. Concessions will be open, you may eat and drink in line. No Outside food!

4. Stay on the path of the Cornfield and forest, it is not a maze, it is easy to follow.

5. Do not touch the cornstalks, props or the actors in the cornfield and forest.

6. No Fighting, name calling, hazing or harassment of any kind to anyone on the property.

7. Keep your clothes on, no flashing.

8. No Stealing!

9. No Backpacks, No Photography or video taping.

10. No Masks, face paint is okay, nothing offensive.

Rules of CornStalkers

CornStalkers Rules!